Check-ups.  You know, the kind you really seem to dread.  The annual ones, where the Dr. asks probing questions or maybe even does a little unwanted probing.  It can seem so uncomfortable and easy to put off, until the unexpected happens.  Next thing you know you’re left with “should’ve”, “could’ve” and “this may not have happened if only” talk going on.

Hard to believe, but we can parallel this plumbing.  When you think about it, internally we are just one giant set of pipes.  Take our arteries for example, pretty complicated plumbing route wouldn’t you agree?  They carry oxygen rich blood all throughout the body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  Healthy arteries have smooth inner walls and the blood flows easily.  These can become clogged and cause some serious damage.  Some people have build-up of plaque on the inner walls of their arteries and this reduces the blood flow or, in some cases, blocks it all together.

      When this happens…BAM, everything stops working.

So the plumbing parallel?  The same thing can happen with the pipes in your home.  When they are clear everything runs through them easily.  When they become clogged, as I’m sure some of you know, everything can stop working.  Similarly, what you put in your body can lead to the clogged pipes, so can what you choose to put down your drains.  As we’ve discussed in the past what you choose to flush, or put down your disposal can end up coming back at you.  However, like the checkups with the good ol Dr., you also need some routine checkups for your pipes.

Your body pipes run from head to toe and your home pipes typically run throughout your home and all the way to the street.  Body pipes AND home pipes are out of sight, and we all know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” You could be clueless about having any difficulty with them until you start noticing a slow flow.  One of the first signs of clogged home pipes is a gurgling sound in your toilet.  Sounds a little like body piping issues right?  You get where I’m going with this.  The pipes in your home can become so full of roots or debris that BAM, everything stops working.  Periodically those pipes need a check-up or a good cleaning so things continue to run smooth.  So that Dr. visit you’ve been putting off?  Make the appointment.  It’s important to keep things operating smooth.  The home piping? Think of your plumber as one of your most important house doctors, keeping things running, flushing, moving like clockwork.  Take time.

                                            Make the appointment.

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